Happy New Year!

I’d like to take the time to wish all of you a Happy New Year. I’m glad 2016 is finally dead and buried, but why did it have to take so many of the people I admired and enjoyed?

Anywho, if you’re a writer, don’t make a resolution to write more. Just go ahead and do it. Set aside the time to write and finally get more of your work out into the world. Get more readers, get more reviews, and get more revenue to continue writing. Make it a cycle that you’ll look forward to working on every time you wake up.

I have several books coming out this year — ones I’ve been slowly working on as I learn how to get my dictation software to write what I want it to write. Oh, well… ugly first draft, lots for an editor to polish.

Be safe, be happy, and be well for the coming year.

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