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This is a review of the Kindle version of the book. I’ve enjoyed JG Faherty’s style for a while, having found him in a few of the short story markets I follow.

I enjoyed the premise of the story, akin to The Sixth Sense coupled with a character who has personality, flaws and the ability to make ghosts corporeal. It’s 52,000 words, but it reads so smoothly it “feels” shorter. I don’t think the cover artwork is up to the story, but JG’s name got me past that cliché.

Overall, the main characters are well crafted. Maya isn’t a perfect princess, something that has been creeping into more and more YA novels. Because she has flaws, JG can bring her to life in a realistic way. Her best friend, Lucy, tends to steal the scene with her matter-of-fact attitude. They both play well off each other. The other central characters are also drawn well, each with their own little quirks. Something I’ve seen listed as a negative is Maya’s parents getting pushed to the background with their character development. I see it as a plus, similar to how adults are portrayed on Charles M. Schultz’s Peanuts strip (in the cartoons, parents sound like a trombone, just like in real life if you go by the way my kids listen to me!)

The storyline has several creepy moments, and the mystery builds layer by layer. If you’re looking for an enjoyable story you can read in a single evening, you’ll enjoy visiting Coronado Bay.

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