Headshots! (Not the zombie variety)

If you’re actively writing, someone is going to need to see your pretty mug. It may be for a book jacket (congrats!), or perhaps for a convention website (congrats again!)

That picture from 20 years ago, taken with a Kodak Disc camera (you’re old if you remember those) will not do. Even if it is a picture of you jello-wrestling a bear.

You’re going to need a good set of headshots, so you might as well start working on it now. You may luck out if a friend has an expensive camera and some skills. If you want to filter out the luck factor, consider getting your headshots from a professional photographer.

Writers and photographers have some interesting things in common. Both get asked to do things for free, often. Everyone thinks they can write an award winning story their first time behind a keyboard, and everyone thinks they’re Ansel Adams behind the lens. For authors to assume they’re going to get pro-quality headshots  for free is just as annoying as a photographer that asks an author to write the content for their website for free.

Ergo, even if your pro friend gives you an excellent deal, make sure you compensate them. Digital cameras and lenses cost a lot of money, just like an author’s fancy laptop can cost a small fortune.

For those folks going to KillerCon in Las Vegas this September, you’re in luck. Stacy Scranton will be there, and she will be taking headshots for those who need one. She was at KillerCon last year, and I saw her at the World Horror Convention a few weeks ago. I had mine taken at KillerCon, and I received a wide variety of angles and poses. She did an excellent job, and if you’re going to Las Vegas in September, make sure you sign up. Her price was extremely unreasonably low. I would’ve paid five times as much for the quality and quantity of headshots I received.

Compensate your photographer, just like you would like to be compensated for your hard work writing stories and novels.

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