Spocon 2014

Since we had so much fun at Radcon, Tonya and I decided to add another Washington convention to our tour. Tim “SomeCallMeTim” Martin was a gentlemanly host, and the whole crew at Spocon was quite professional and well organized. The welcome packet had everything we needed, and the green room was a good spot to take a few minutes to relax and nosh on some fantastic maple and apple muffins. Some folks spotted a snoozing Eytan Kollin in a corner, which shows just how relaxing it was.

Tonya had a different panel schedule than I had for the most part. Overall, the panels were fun to participate on, and the “Whose Plot is it Anyway?” panel was more of a show based on the “Whose Line is it Anyway?” television show. Tonya was the moderator, and did her best to channel Drew Carey. David Boop and I were two of the goofballs who had the chance to mug things up.

The trip out to Washington took us to a new state — Montana. We passed through quite a bit of beautiful Big Sky country.

We hope to get invited out again next year.

After the convention, a gaggle of authors traveled over to the Steam Factory, an astounding steam generating plant turned into a restaurant. I’ll post a couple of pictures sooner or later. If you like steampunk, this restaurant is a must-see if you’re in the Spokane area. I lucked out and sat across from C.J. Cherryh. Turns out she grew up in a small Oklahoma town where Tonya and I picked up a house in an auction. Small world.

If you can, Tonya and I recommend adding Radcon (in Pasco, WA) and Spocon (in Spokane, WA) to your con schedule next year.

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