Tithing in the Age of Digital

One of the things I decided to do when I became a published author was to send in a portion of my earnings to websites that helped me along the way. I’ve donated to Duotrope, Ralan’s Webstravaganza and Critters.org. If you’re a new author, there are many sites with useful information, from marketing, genre news, and research, to free e-zines. Most of them ask for donations to keep the services running. Some, like the ones I mentioned above, do not have a ton of advertisements to generate funds. The websites are labors of love, paid for by generous folks who pay the bills as best they can. I would challenge you to make a list of the top five website that have helped you get published, and to donate something to them. Even a single dollar would make a small difference, if enough authors participated. Help support those who’ve supported you, and pay it forward to the next group of upcoming published authors.

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