Review: Fullmetal Alchemist (Live-Action Movie)

 Fullmetal Alchemist, the Netflix flick. Quick reaction and some minorish spoilerish items ahoy:   Nowhere near as good as the original or Brotherhood, but that’s to be expected when squishing an anime from 50+ episodes down to a ~2hr movie. Folks who are not familiar with the anime will probably think it’s fine, but there’s […]

WhimsyCon 2018

 Updated schedule for WhimsyCon on March 2-4. Should be a lot of fun and I hope to see you there in Denver, Colorado! Creativity Roundtable Fri Mar 2 8:00:pm – 8:50:pm What drives creative people, inspires us, keeps us going when the muse has gone out for pizza and left us sitting at our desks…alone…in […]

Shifting Your Goals

 January, the traditional month where folks set some goals and a week later forget them, is only weeks away. Writers, however, tend to try to reach some lofty goals for a while longer, probably spurred on by the lingering caffeine high from NaNoWriMo. Here’s the thing — goals should not be set in concrete. I […]

Solar Singularity Pre-Order

 This made my weekend… Solar Singularity, based on the Interface Zero 2.0 universe, is now available for pre-order on Amazon from Wordfire Press. Co-written by Peter Wacks, Josh Vogt, and Guy Anthony De Marco. A NOVEL SET IN THE UNIVERSE OF INTERFACE ZERO FROM GUNMETAL GAMES Dubbed Interface Zero by those who created it, the […]

Defense Against the Dark Arts – Writer’s Block Edition

 Help! I’m Stuck at 10K Words! First of all, don’t panic. Ten thousand words is nothing to sneeze at and you’re well on your way towards a complete novel. In fact, congratulations are in order. Normally when my brain stops sending typing instructions to my fingertips it’s because there is something it’s still working on. […]

Writing Short Articles for NaNoWriMo

 NaNoWriMo is a great time to build up a collection of short articles that you can schedule during the next year. It’s a reasonable method to build up your word count while simultaneously getting more blog posts. Since my blog is about writing in general, I like to include how-to articles and other subjects useful […]

Road Writing

   There are times during NaNoWriMo where one has to become mobile. This does not mean you’re off the hook for your daily goal! It means you need to adapt, improvise, and overcome. Here’s a couple of suggestions to help you. Phone Apps and Thingies There are several apps that you can use to translate […]

Why Blog?

I know a lot of author folks who let their blogs languish. After all, if only a few visitors pop in, why go through all the hassle of putting up stuff? Sudden Celebrity If one of your books started selling thousands of copies a day, there are going to be a flood of folks who […]

Flash Fiction Story: Lightpath

 Crew Log 233: This is my second day trapped on the event horizon of a black hole. I’m not the only one, though. No matter what direction I look there’s another person following me. He’s wearing a similar space suit and always has his back turned towards me. He never gets any closer. I’ll report […]