The Horror Fiction Review Likes Odd Places

 The Horror Fiction Review just published their April 2013 edition of reviews, and they were kind enough to  include a review of my short story collection, Odd Places. Christine Morgan included her favorite short stories, which included “Dead Meat” (zombie cows!), “Home” (100-word flash), “To-Do List” (a knife-twister), and her favorite, “Death Grip”, which appeared […]

Gingers in the Mist

 For one event at AnomalyCon, the Plot in an Hour panel, the audience came up with Gingers in the Mist. Here’s what was worked out. Anyone who was in the audience can use this to write anything they desire: Genre: Dystopian steampunk mystery (with a little erotica on the side) Characters: Protagonists: Female: Redhead (tank […]

AnomalyCon Update

 Yes, I’ve been swamped for time, and have let the updates slip. Time to make up for it… I’m attending AnomalyCon in Denver this weekend. Having a blast, participating in 17 panels and events. Good to see all my authorly and artistly friends. Tonight I have a reading, plus am on two panels: Character Building […]

COSine Convention Conclusion

 Here we are, the final day of COSine. I say that knowing this may actually be the very last COSine Convention in Colorado Springs, at least as run by the First Friday Fandom group. Brings a sense of melancholy as I head into the last day. The panel schedule is light today, with only one on my […]

COSine Day 1

 The panels are done for the first day of COSine, a science fiction convention in Colorado Springs, CO. Before my panel, I stopped in on several panel discussions and a reading by David Boop. Today’s panel was “What Works and What Sells”, moderated by Sarah Hoyt. David Boop and Sam Knight joined me in a […]

Fifty Shades of Decay

Booze & Books reviews Fifty Shades of Decay Nothing says true love like hot zombie sex. Yes, you read that right. Scheduled for release on February 14th — Valentine’s Day — from Angelic Knight Press, Fifty Shades of Decay will deliver true love and lust to your Kindle, ePub, or dead-tree format collection. The author list is impressive (if you ignore my name): […]

Miami Spy Games: Armand Rosamilia

  Miami Spy Games:  Adding Real People As Minor Characters Armand Rosamilia     I’m often asked how hard it is to come up with not only the main characters in stories, but all the minor ones that populate the world and the story. I tell them it is easy: I cheat. Most of the […]

Is the (insert trope) field dead?

 I’ve seen this type of question pop up several times in the last few weeks: Is the vampire genre dead? Are zombie markets dying? Is the horror market in decline? The answer is actually simple: it doesn’t particularly matter in 2013. Yes, there are thousands of vampire/Twilight books available in the marketplace, particularly ebooks. With […]

Authors You Should Know: Gene O’Neill

 Welcome to the first entry in a new, ongoing series. I will be posting about authors I personally admire. Authors with wit, skill, a dazzling way with words, and who are just wonderful people in Real Life®. Some will be from the Golden Ages of Science Fiction, some will be from my formative years of […]

Speaking Without Dialogue

 One of the Facebook Groups I hang out on posts writing exercises. Sometimes they’re geared towards Bizarro, but most of the time they’re just fun practice to improve your craft. One was to generate a scene that had the characters conveying their thoughts and emotions without any dialogue. In ten minutes, I popped something out […]