5 Lies Self Published Authors Tell

  1. I’m selling X books This is probably the biggest lie that self-published authors tell. Everyone wants to be successful, and the more successful an author is, the more they sell. It’s almost a self-fulfilling prophesy. Average readers want to read something that everyone else likes — think Harry Potter or Twilight. I’ve seen […]

Archon St Louis

 Unfortunately, it looks like I will not be going to Archon St Louis. I was looking forward to driving out there, but after a long hard look at the return on the investment, it didn’t make economical sense to make the trip this year. Since I’ve heard good things about Archon, hopefully I will be […]


 Hope all is well with you, faithful reader. I’ve been a bit remiss with updates, so I will be posting several from recent conventions and events. I’ve already updated my panel listing page. Working on several additional projects. Five short stories are due (so far) in October. Two are charity anthologies, two are pro rate, […]

Iron Writer – Summer Solstice Edition

 Yeah, I admit it. I love writing flash fiction. It’s a tough thing to do. One has to fit the right words together and make it drop into a box that can hold exactly 500 words—no more, no less—with the standard story elements present. Over at the Iron Writer website, my short 500-word story is […]

Compensating the Entertainment

 Something that has come up often concerns panelists at conventions. Many conventions require panelists to pay full price to get into the con. Most of the ones I attend grant the panelist at least one, but sometimes two, tickets to the show. Of course, this is assuming the panelist will be on a set number […]

Headshots! (Not the zombie variety)

 If you’re actively writing, someone is going to need to see your pretty mug. It may be for a book jacket (congrats!), or perhaps for a convention website (congrats again!) That picture from 20 years ago, taken with a Kodak Disc camera (you’re old if you remember those) will not do. Even if it is […]

Radio Show Appearance – Walking a Walk on MileHiRadio.com

 I’ll be on Mile Hi Radio today. Tune in to listen to the live radio broadcast on Saturday at 11:00am, or to the rebroadcast Wednesday at 1:00pm MT, on www.MileHiRadio.com. The show is Walking A Walk, which discusses veterans, military service, and what comes after. I’ll be talking about my 11 years in the US Navy, and how […]

EDF Podcasting Two of My Stories

 Every Day Fiction will be podcasting two of my stories. Folly Blaine will be reading the stories, so make sure you snag them to hear her talented voice read Steaks and Member of the Herd, both of which originally appeared in Every Day Fiction. Steaks, which came out in January 2009, ended up being their […]

Chasing a ball around a big yard with a stick…

 Yes, I’m talking about golf, as invented by that famous hobbit who hit a goblin’s head clean off with his club, where it sailed through the air and went down a rabbit hole. Except now-a-days we use a dimply ball and metal golf clubs. I just started playing to relax and to get out into […]

Back from WHC New Orleans

 We’re back from the World Horror Convention (WHC), this year held in the hot and muggy city of New Orleans. Tonya and I enjoyed our trip, but we had to leave a day early due to an event at the Thornton Barnes & Noble. One of the things we did was venture out on a […]