Barton’s Island

Villainous Press released Barton’s Island by Harl Vincent, one of my favorite early science fiction authors. I wrote the foreword for this book, and even my wife, who is not a big reader of science fiction, enjoyed the story. In the year 2229, Jerome Carter and his Gang of Ten run the government of United North […]

Rocket Dragons Ignite!

 I finally got around to opening a box that I misplaced back in October. It’s from the fundraiser for Daily Science Fiction, my personal favorite pro market for speculative fiction. I already had a copy of the first book, so I was interested with the Year Two book, titled Rocket Dragons Ignite. I didn’t realize […]

The First Day of Christmas (Free Flash Fiction Story)

Christmas Diary Entry, Christmas Morning, 1878 Much ado about Reginald. I know he is handsome and smart, not to mention immensely wealthy due to his crafting of intricate watches and toys, but my heart belongs to Humbert. My family would be scandalized if they knew my wild and free Humbert visited me nightly in my bedchambers. […]

New Releases: Ancient Terrors Volume 3

AT Volume 3 Cover image for Ancient Terrors Volume 3, which I edited. Volume 3 includes more excellent terrifying tales from authors like H. G. Wells, Rudyard Kipling, Frank R. Stockton, and John Kendrick Bang. I’ll bet many of you didn’t realize that Kipling and Wells wrote scary stories. The Ancient Terrors books focus on atmospheric and subtle […]

New Releases: Ancient Terrors Volume 2

 Cover image for Ancient Terrors Volume 2, which I edited. Volume 2 includes many top-tier authors, including Frank Clements, H. P. Lovecraft, Victoria Glad, and Francis Latham. While most everyone has heard of Lovecraft, many folks have not read the creepy stories by Clements and Glad. The Ancient Terrors books focus on atmospheric and subtle […]

New Releases: Ancient Terrors Volume 1

 New cover for the Ancient Terrors series, which I edit. Volume 1 includes many top-tier authors, including Ambrose Bierce, Algernon Blackwood, Mary E. Braddon, and Susan Carleton Jones. When I selected the titles, I wanted to make sure I included authors folks may not have heard of before. The Ancient Terror series is published by […]

Life and Everything2

 There’s a website that was Wikipedia before Wikipedia was Wikipedia. That site is A friend of mine, James Younger, pulled me into the website, and I ended up writing enough stuff over ten years that I put out a book. It’s still there, and recently I drifted back because of the death of a […]

The Fox – True Ghost Story Project

 How’s the NaNoWriMo frenzy progressing for you? Well, I hope. Remember, NaNo is a personal competition, so focus on that. Even if you don’t hit 50K, you’re still closer to a finished novel than you were at the beginning of November. Now for something cool — The Fox has a project for true paranormal and/or […]

New Interview at Ginger Nuts of Horror

 Ginger Nuts of Horror, run by Jim Mcleod out of the United Kingdom, posted an interview with me on their website. The interview series is called Five Minutes With… Ginger Nuts of Horror posts interviews and news for the horror and dark media fans. They’re worth a visit and a bookmark, particularly since you can […]

MileHiCon 45: Day Two

 MileHiCon 45 is in full swing. Yesterday, I was on the Animation for Adults panel, and we discussed everything from Futurama to tentacle porn to anime. I hung out with Gary Jonas for the Meet, Munch and Mingle book signing event, then we had a reading with additional authors including Paul Lell. I liked Gary’s […]