Freebie Friday: Con Name Placard

 I’ve been to too many conventions where name placards were not available for the panelists. Usually MileHiCon is on the ball, but I decided to make sure I have one ready to go. I picked up a plastic name tag holder from Office Depot and printed up a placard with my name and the MileHiCon logo […]

Using CreateSpace? Watch Your Spacing!

 If you’re using Amazon‘s CreateSpace system to publish print books, be careful how you submit your documents. I recently uploaded a Word document that was set up exactly how I wanted it to look. CreateSpace then crunched the document so it would work on their system (which means they basically converted it to a version […]

Facebook Pages — Are They Worth Your Time?

 I have a page for my author activities over on Facebook ( Most of my author friends also have their own dedicated pages, and some even have pages for each book they published. This blog is linked to my Facebook page, since I like to maximize the efficiency of the things i write. Some stuff goes […]

The Adventures of the Golden Girl of Munan

 Coming soon from Villainous Press: The Adventures of the Golden Girl of Munan by Harl Vincent, with an introduction by Guy Anthony De Marco. While working in his lab, Roy Hamilton heard a voice from another world. A golden voice that warned him an enemy was preparing for war! With his trusted companions and an […]

FairyPunkStories: Jack and Jill

 I re-imagined Jack and Jill for FairyPunkStories, a website that specializes in fairy tales with a steampunk twist. They have a version of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff, re-imagined by author David Boop and drawn by Maurine Starkey. Here’s Jack and Jill for your enjoyment. Jack and Jill by Guy Anthony De Marco Jack and Jill, went up the hill, to fetch […]

Mouse Wars: Oh, Rats!

 This is part two of a four part post. Enjoy! Oh, Rats! After the fuzzy little mouse, my wife was not too scared of mice. We moved a few years later, and we were renovating the bathroom of our new house. I threw the old tile and wood in large dog food bags and kept […]

Mouse Wars: The Mickey Mouse

 I never minded field mice. They kept out of my house and I left them alone. That is, until I got married. My wife absolutely hated mice. So, one day she discovered we had a mouse scurrying around in our bedroom. For the next two days, all I heard was, “Did you kill IT yet?” […]


 Only a couple of weeks until NaNoWriMo begins. Coffee shops across the nation will notice a huge uptick in caffeine-infused drink sales. People will work on developing carpal tunnel. They’ll gather together in a huge social meeting just to ignore each other and poke on Facebook and get in a little bit of writing. All […]

Submitted: The Strangelet to Apokrupha

 Sent in a 418-word short story to Apokrupha’s Vignettes from the End of the World anthology. They’re looking for stories about the end of the world happening, all in 500 words or less. I was doing a bit of research on the Large Hadron Collider, and I ended up on Wikipedia. The page was about […]

Nice review of Angels Cried

 “Big Al” left a nice 4-star review on Amazon for the charity anthology Angels Cried. He called out two particular stories, one of which was my short story titled For Christmas, I Made My Mother Cry. From the review: A couple of the stories stood above the rest for me. For Christmas, I Made My […]