New Graphic Novel

I’m co-scripting a graphic novel with Peter J. Wacks, and Chaz Kemp is doing the art honors. The GN is called Behind These Eyes, and it will be published by Villainous Press. One nice thing is that it is getting published online at, so you can pop over to check it out. The electronic version […]

Odd Places Reviews and Interviews

A few reviews popped up for my short story collection, Odd Places. Mandy DeGeit posted her review on her blog, Goodreads, and my Amazon page. She gave it a solid four stars. I wonder why so many people like my zombie cow story? She’s always funny, and I dubbed her “a force of nature in […]

Inspiration From Reality Shows

 Now that we have Netflix, Tonya (my better half) is watching every episode of Cake Boss. Of course, I’m writing, plotting, and planning my short stories and novels while this goofy show is playing in the background. After episode 16 of season 3, where they travel to Italy, it struck me that some reality shows […]

Numbers in Prose

 The generally accepted format for numbers in prose differs from technical writing. Most of the time, technical documentation will deal with more numbers, especially measurements and statistical data. When writing a large volume of numbers in this instance, stick with using the Arabic numerals. It keeps the numbers in context, and is easier to compare […]


The protagonist is the one character most writers dwell on. It takes a fine balance between making them likeable and having them seem either arrogant or totally worthless. A good protagonist usually makes or breaks a story, while the antagonist, or villain, is usually tossed in as a reason for the protagonist to exist. This […]

The Write Environment

Is it time to consider writing professionally, at least part-time? Writing professionally means writing as though you need to pay the rent – tomorrow. You need to devote time to your craft. You need to develop effective habits. Remember the old adage, Practice Makes Perfect? It’s wrong – practice makes improvement. Developing a good writing […]

The Horror Family

 One thing that still surprises me is how the horror/dark fiction genre authors treat each other. For the most part, I’ve decided that the genre is really one large family. Perhaps because the genre isn’t as fractured as others, it removes the cliquishness that can pop up in other fields. Science Fiction, for example, has […]

KillerCon 4: Mandy DeGeit

I had the good fortune to meet Mandy DeGeit (pronounced de-gate) at KillerCon 4 in Las Vegas. A force of nature in a tank top, she’s one person that does not blend into the background. Mandy, a new author on the dark fiction/horror scene, is currently known as the woman who spoke up after having […]

KillerCon 2012 Report

Tonya and I attended KillerCon 4, an annual horror-genre convention held in Las Vegas every September. We stayed at the Stratosphere, where the con unfolded over the long weekend. We drove our little “creeper” van, which probably cost us more than a flight, but we enjoyed each other’s company on the trip. Tonya spotted a […]

HWA’s Halloween Haunts 2012

Coming this October from the Horror Writers Association… Halloween Haunts 2012 31 days of special posts from members of the Horror Writers Association. Blogs, interviews, book excerpts, and prizes from top horror authors in the genre. All are free, stop by the HWA Blog starting Oct 1st.