QR Codes for Authors

I have a new, short ebook out called QR Codes for Authors. It’s listed at 1.95 on Amazon, but it is available for free right here. The password is qrcode.  [wpdm_file id=1] Learn how to use QR Codes to promote your work, build your platform, and reach your readers and fan base. This ebook is […]

Facebook for Authors

 Originally posted in the Horror Writers Association newsletter. The vast majority of an author’s fans have a Facebook page. Writing is a business, and savvy authors take advantage of this marketing tool. Love it or hate it, an author should use this avenue for connecting with their fanbase. There are three separate types of Facebook […]

Free Flash Fiction!

I submitted a story for the Lascaux (pronounced Las-coo) flash fiction contest. If you have the time, please stop on by and give it a read. Since this is a contest entry, I’d appreciate you posting a comment on my apocalyptic 250-word entry! Thank you in advance! The link: http://www.lascauxflash.com/2012/09/42-seeds.html

Busy busy busy little bees…

My goodness, I need to get to the point where I can write full-time. I get emails 24 hours a day for my day job in IT, which makes it difficult to get large block of writing completed. I end up getting 4-6 hours of sleep between writing and fixing computers. Here’s what I’m working […]


 Trash Stella had to give in and wrap the suspended torso in plastic to contain the stench. She paused and smiled. Six weeks later, and she was proud she didn’t give in. “I told you I wasn’t going to take the trash out ever again.” This is my entry for a 55 word or less […]

Websites for Improvement – Part 1

 There are thousands of websites that contain useful information for authors. I’m going to post a series of sites that can help writers in their never ending quest to improve their craft. I will typically post three at a time. Let me know if you have any suggestions! http://www.economist.com/styleguide/introduction The Economist publishes a well-established magazine […]

Final cover approved for The Bride

I just approved the final cover for The Bride. It had a stock image of a pretty young woman who looked like a bride, but I thought the eyes were a bit off and she looked too “clean” for someone who had turned into a raving, flesh-eating zombie. The lines, particularly for the hair, were […]

Sailing the Digital Seas: Researching Publishers

  Recently, the blogosphere was all atwitter concerning the story of Mandy DeGeit, a new author who discovered the story she submitted to an anthology wasn’t the same as the story that was published under her name. Heavyweights like Neil Gaiman and Jonathan Maberry waded in to give their take on the carnage. Authors who […]

Using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

As authors, piracy is a constant threat to our income and property. Some don’t mind having their works available for download, while others are adamant that their work should be purchased. Should you find your works posted on a pirate website — or worse, plagiarized with someone else’s name as the author — you can […]

7 Places to Go to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

  You know it’s coming. Perhaps Darwin will have the last laugh and a mutant superbug will evolve in the grease on a McDonalds grill in South Dakota. Maybe there’s some crazy Al-Qaeda splinter group working with a stolen Cold War-era Russian virus. All they have to do is slap on a label with Hanna […]