Necrotic Tissue #7

 Necrotic Tissue Issue #7, with my short story, Death Grip, is available for purchase. Visit Amazon to pick up a copy.

Anime Review: Ghost in the Shell

Mention the word “anime” and you’ll get two responses… Akira and Ghost in the Shell. The vast majority of anime fans have seen these two, and with the addition of Princess Mononoke, they are the standards to which the rest of the anime field is compared. Ghost in the Shell (GitS) is on this listing […]

Anime Review: Iria

I admit it – I was in a store looking to buy Grave of the Fireflies when I saw the DVD for Iria. I bought it because it had an interesting writeup on the back and it was a whopping 162 minutes. I figured I would get a quantity over quality movie. I was pleasantly […]