Popcorn Kittens

 Saw this on Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s website. Reminded me of Kevin J. Anderson’s Popcorn Theory of Writing Success. Enjoy!  

Preemptive Guide to Avoid Evil-Doers

Every day, a batch of people decide to write a short story or a novel. For the vast majority, the realization that writing is a difficult task to accomplish will push them back to scrolling through the Netflix guide or trying to catch Squirtle on their “Pokemon Go!” game. For those who do manage to […]

Authors: Avoid Using MicroSoft OneDrive

 As an author, I’ve used cloud drives for years. I have some off-brand versions plus Google Drive, DropBox, and MicroSoft OneDrive. Out of all of them, MicroSoft OneDrive is the one you should avoid at all costs. Some of my projects have large files, such as a graphic novel I’m working on. I have several […]

Failed Ford Turing Test, Bad Robot, No Oilcan

So I went onto the Ford section of JustAnswer.com to ask a question. A pop-up appeared, and it said Pearl Wilson was typing. She asked me about my issue with the vehicle, but by the third question I knew it was either a scam or a Turing test written by a kangaroo jumping randomly on […]

Harl Vincent, Pulp Engineer

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your 2017 is joyful and prosperous. I’m glad that psychotic and murderous 2016 is finally over. I have to admit, I have an affinity for the early science fiction, fantasy, and weird tales that came out in the beginning of the twentieth century. Some of the tales are cringe-worthy […]

Happy New Year!

I’d like to take the time to wish all of you a Happy New Year. I’m glad 2016 is finally dead and buried, but why did it have to take so many of the people I admired and enjoyed? Anywho, if you’re a writer, don’t make a resolution to write more. Just go ahead and […]

Guy, President of the United States

Book on Italian Americans Yup, you missed out. I was an official registered independent candidate for President of the United States. Unfortunately, I didn’t win. I did, however, get my name into the historical records. For example, there’s the page about me on Ballotpedia. Hopefully President Trump will turn out to be someone who doesn’t nuke the planet. Fingers crossed. […]

Free Goodies from Creative Market

If you happen to be working on or planning out your author website or blog, this will be a handy post to read. For clarity, I am not an affiliate of the below site and I do not get anything if you decide to get any of the below goodies from Creative Market. Author Website […]

Descriptive Genre Novels

 Back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, descriptive genre novels were suddenly available to the general public at greatly reduced cost. The paper wasn’t always the best quality and plagiarism was rampant between different countries — sometimes even between regions or states. People didn’t travel much and there was no Internet to bring […]

Marketing List Part 2 – Free Distribution + Reviews

Marketing List Part 2 – Free Distribution + Reviews Site/Group Name: Awesomegang URL: http://awesomegang.com/submit-your-book/ Cost: Free Paid Option: Yes, $10 Min. Reviews: No Min. Rating: No Site/Group Reg: No Notes: A $10 paid upgrade guarantees home page for two days, inclusion in newsletters, and social media mentions. Prefers long descriptions. Review: Simple, easy website with […]