My Roommates Purchased Throwing Stars

   After I finished my US Navy boot camp experiences, I traveled to Tennessee to attend a year’s worth of training. I shared a room with a wannabe ninja, who infected the guys who lived in both of the adjacent rooms. They piffled off to a martial arts place nearby and came back with 3-toed […]

Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

 Stay out of the drainage tunnel, that’s where they park the ice cream trucks during the winter. You want me to unchain your evil twin in the basement? Of course there’s monsters under the bed. They can’t all fit in your sock drawer. (Sticking head out of the patio door) “If you goddamn evil clowns […]

Polydactyl Cats

 When I was a kid we ended up with a great mouser named Rusty. He was a red tabby and had ten toes on the back, thirteen toes on the front. Almost all the polydactyl cats have mirrored feet (same number of toes on each front paw and the same for the back set). Rusty […]

Who is Roger C. Carmel?

 Roger C. Carmel helped me win a piece of Iron Man original art. Being the crazed comic book collector and Star Trek fan that I was, I was the only geek at a convention with the skillz to recall who had played Harcourt Fenton Mudd on the original series. I always liked Roger. His trademark […]

Book Review: Chunky Monkey Pupu

 Title: Chunky Monkey Pupu Author: Sam Knight Genre: Children's Publisher: Knight Writing Press Release Date: December 2, 2013 Format: Print Pages: 40 Source: Purchased Two stories in one! Chunky Monkey Pupu thinks he is just like you, but is he really? He also thinks he looks just like you. What do you think?   Chunky […]

Free Candy and Lies

 There’s a trend these days where authors promise something for free, typically using social media like Twitter or Facebook. The freebie piques your interest, so you click the link and go to the page to download the promised item. Then you find out it’s not really free. There is a cost, and it’s typically your […]

Book Review: Million Dollar Productivity

 Title: Million Dollar Productivity Series: Million Dollar Writing Series Author: Kevin J. Anderson Genre: Non-Fiction Publisher: WordFire Press Release Date: August 14, 2014 Format: Print & Ebook Pages: 87 Source: Purchased Life is crazy and hectic for most of us. We’re surrounded with personal and family obligations, jobs, fitness programs, virtual mountains of email, not […]

Product Review: Epubor Ultimate Converter for eBooks

 Product Name: Epubor Ultimate Version: Product Website: Windows/Mac? Yes/Yes Trial Version Available? Yes, 30-day Disclosure: Affiliate? No, I am not an affiliate. If you’re like me, you have a lot of eBooks that you’ve purchased over the years. Ever since Amazon reached out and removed copies of the book 1984 from all Kindle users […]

Doctor Who Review: 001-An Unearthly Child

 Episode Number: 001 Production Code: A Number of Episodes: 4 Original Broadcast Date: November 23, 1963 The Doctor: William Hartnell Companions: Susan (The Doctor’s Granddaughter), Ian, Barbara Location: Earth Main Enemy, Alien or Monster: Kal Notes: Sometimes referred to as 100,000BC, but it was re-titled before release. First appearance of The Doctor, the TARDIS, Susan, […]

Movies, Shows, & Books Re-Imagined as Horror Flicks

 The Wizard of Oz – After sustaining a head injury, a woman goes on a psychopathic battle to the death for the last pair of ugly red shoes. Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Seuss – A megalomaniac reptile seeks to recreate the original big bang theory of turtles all the way down. Rudolph the Red-Nosed […]