Artistic Freebies

 For those folks who dabble in the artistic side of things, there’s a website that gives away six items every Monday. While you do have to sign up, you can get a weekly email letting you know what’s on their freebie list. The items you get include unique fonts, logo designs, background images in very […]

The Sandman by E. T. W. Hoffmann

 Here’s an old classic creepy story. I’ve always been fascinated by the characters, particularly the malevolent Coppelius and his daughter. I hope you enjoy this one. ~ Guy   Letter, NATHANIEL TO LOTHAIRE. Certainly you must all be uneasy that I have not written for so long—so very long. My mother, I am sure, is angry, […]

Star Trek TOS CGI Updates

 It’s been a while since I’ve seen episodes of Star Trek, the original sixties series. I’ve been watching every episode in order a couple of times a week, when I need a NaNoWriMo break. (Note: Current word count is 182,868 — woo hoo!) There have been strange things I’ve seen that didn’t seem to jive […]

NaNoWriMo 2015

 One of the bad things about being a fast and prolific writer is that it sometimes causes other writers to feel a bit down. Unlike many NaNo’ers, I literally have nothing better to do besides write and occasionally check what’s happening on social media. Because it’s my full-time job, I can focus and write simply […]

Thank a Veteran

This morning you awoke to a new day. There were chores to do, lists to check, and some moderate griping about some annoying item you had to deal with. Meanwhile, someone you never knew stood watch on the hard steel deck of a ship, thinking about a distant little girl she gave birth to but […]

Writing How-To’s for Fun and Profit @ The Fictorians

 I have a new post over at The Fictorians titled “Writing How-To’s for Fun and Profit.” It gives some information on writing non-fiction ebooks for you to sell, based on what you already know and enjoy doing. Just to be clear, it’s not one of those posts about hiring some poor writer from overseas for […]

Candidate for President

 That’s correct. I have filed paperwork to run for President of the United States. My election group is called Authors for President. My Federal Election Commission ID number is P60017449. When the FEC updates their list of presidential candidates, my name will be on it. My presidential platform includes a flat tax of 15% for […]

My Roommates Purchased Throwing Stars

   After I finished my US Navy boot camp experiences, I traveled to Tennessee to attend a year’s worth of training. I shared a room with a wannabe ninja, who infected the guys who lived in both of the adjacent rooms. They piffled off to a martial arts place nearby and came back with 3-toed […]

Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

 Stay out of the drainage tunnel, that’s where they park the ice cream trucks during the winter. You want me to unchain your evil twin in the basement? Of course there’s monsters under the bed. They can’t all fit in your sock drawer. (Sticking head out of the patio door) “If you goddamn evil clowns […]

Polydactyl Cats

 When I was a kid we ended up with a great mouser named Rusty. He was a red tabby and had ten toes on the back, thirteen toes on the front. Almost all the polydactyl cats have mirrored feet (same number of toes on each front paw and the same for the back set). Rusty […]