Freakend Madness & Pirates, Oh My!

I happened to Google the book Freakend Madness, and received a big surprise. Apparently the book has been pirated and shared all over the place, particularly in China. The interesting thing is that there is currently no eBook version. Someone scanned the book and posted it somewhere — possibly in the eBook pirating lair in […]

USS Gary (FFG-51) Decommissioned

 Announced by the United States Navy: The the last remaining Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided-missile frigate on the West coast was decommissioned today after 31 years of service. The USS Gary (FFG-51) had two hangar bays for helicoptors, and that’s where I served on a detachment from HSL-43. We had a couple of Sikorsky Seahawk SH-60B helos. On […]

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

 So I’m binge-watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and I have to admit I’m really liking the show. I’m up to season two, episode nineteen, and it’s been solidly entertaining for the whole trip (so far!) One of the funny things is there are a couple of folks from Sons of Anarchy showing up as minor […]

Some Miscellaneous Catching-Up

 After a bit of off-line tomfoolery, here’s a bit of catching up for the latest and greatest. I’m back on Facebook. Had too many folks who couldn’t get in touch with me, and I also missed out on a slew of cool projects. Ergo, I’m back on FB, except I won’t spend all day poking […]

Offline on Facebook

 After several medical issues popped up, I found myself behind on several projects. I looked around at my activities and found where I was procrastinating and/or goofing around. The activity that was causing me to lose valuable time was Facebook. Yes, I like fluffy kittens. Yes, I like turtles! I even save some when they’re […]

Kindle Direct Publishing – Taken Over by Idiots?

 So I’m preparing for my trip to Denver Comic Con this weekend when this gem of an email arrives like pixie dust in my inbox: Hello, We are writing to you regarding the following book: Absolute Truths & Outright Lies by De Marco, Guy Anthony (AUTHOR) (ID:1872583), The Ultimate Blonde Joke Book by De Marco, […]

Denver Comic Con Schedule

 Here’s my DCC schedule (so far) for panels. Remember, Denver Comic Con opens on Friday, but takes place on Saturday through Monday this year during Memorial Day. Make sure you stop by and say hello! Saturday: Guy: 2:30 – 3:20 The Better Half: Sidekicks in Fiction ROOM: 203 (With Tonya) Films and literature and full […]

The Pirate Who’s Who (Expanded Edition)

 Another fun book project is now out the door. I helped to collect and edit the expanded edition of Philip Gosse’s classic book, which is now available from Warped Mind Press. I also penned the foreword for this new edition. The book is non-fiction and a reference of some of the famous pirates and buccaneers […]

Fictorians: DMCA Tools

 Over on The Fictorians, I have a double-shot of fun this month. The theme is about different writing tools for authors. If you want to read some reviews of different useful tips, tools, and troubles, stop by this month. My first tool article is one I’ve talked about at the Horror Writers Association for their […]

Hot Fun in the Summertime

 As the summer approaches, there are more items and events that will be tugging on your availability. Full-time writers with several years of discipline under their belt have an easier time saying “no” to joining in on the fun when there’s a deadline looming, but what about the part-timers or those who just made the […]