Denver Comic Con Schedule

 Here’s my DCC schedule (so far) for panels. Remember, Denver Comic Con opens on Friday, but takes place on Saturday through Monday this year during Memorial Day. Make sure you stop by and say hello! Saturday: Guy: 2:30 – 3:20 The Better Half: Sidekicks in Fiction ROOM: 203 (With Tonya) Films and literature and full […]

The Pirate Who’s Who (Expanded Edition)

 Another fun book project is now out the door. I helped to collect and edit the expanded edition of Philip Gosse’s classic book, which is now available from Warped Mind Press. I also penned the foreword for this new edition. The book is non-fiction and a reference of some of the famous pirates and buccaneers […]

Fictorians: DMCA Tools

 Over on The Fictorians, I have a double-shot of fun this month. The theme is about different writing tools for authors. If you want to read some reviews of different useful tips, tools, and troubles, stop by this month. My first tool article is one I’ve talked about at the Horror Writers Association for their […]

Hot Fun in the Summertime

 As the summer approaches, there are more items and events that will be tugging on your availability. Full-time writers with several years of discipline under their belt have an easier time saying “no” to joining in on the fun when there’s a deadline looming, but what about the part-timers or those who just made the […]

AnomalyCon 2015 Panel Schedule

 My final panel schedule is listed below, for those folks who will be traveling to Denver for AnomalyCon. Please stop by and say hello after the panels! You’ll have an even dozen to choose from. Friday: Time Travel And The World of Tomorrow Is Time Travel possible? Discuss ideas about time travel from various fictional […]

AnomalyCon 2015

 Yes, indeed, it’s time for one of my favorite conventions in Denver, AnomalyCon. This coming weekend (March 28, 29, & 30), I will be appearing on numerous panels for the premiere Steampunk convention on this side of the Rockies. Tickets are still available, and they’re at a new hotel this year (one of the Starfest […]

Guest of Honor at Steampunk With A Twist

 I’m going to be the Guest of Honor at the Steampunk Convention with a Twist in Grand Rapids, Colorado. The convention is next weekend, March 14th and 15th, 2015. The lovely and immensely talented Tonya L. De Marco is the Cosplay/Costuming Guest of Honor. By getting both of us in, they’re saving the cost of […]

Fictorians: Write What You Know

 I have a new article up over on The Fictorians, a website that provides articles and stories for readers and authors. The theme this month is Breaking the Rules. So far, several folks I enjoy reading posted excellent articles on different rules for writing, and when and how you could/should break those rules. My contribution […]

7 Places To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

 Since a bunch of scientists researched where you should go if you’re in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and agreed with my analysis (it’s number five), I thought I would post my original article that I wrote in 2011. Enjoy!   7 Places to Go to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse You know it’s coming. […]

Stuff Migrates

 Just a few minutes ago I was eating a late lunch. I set my spoon down and reached for my coffee when my hand hit something that was not my coffee cup. I looked up, and in front of me was a ceramic penguin. I puzzled over why it was on my kitchen table, and […]