CenturyLink Blues

Now with more Goobers and Raisonettes...err...asteroids and floaty things. Like most of the Internet Service Providers, CenturyLink has plenty of folks that believe that they’re staffed by creatures from the abyss. Personally, I’ve found their tech folks to be reasonable, especially when they realize I have an IT background and they can “talk the language” with me. I’m stuck in the geometric center of […]

Marketing List Part 1 – Free Distribution

FFG-51 USS Gary I decided to start posting about some of the free or low-cost marketing opportunities that I am familiar with. This is Marketing List Part 1, where I expect to have around 25 posts on the series by the time I am done. Each post will have 5-10 sites. I am actually going to each site […]

Convention Power

 Most of my author friends go to conventions to be on panels and to sell books to people they meet. Some sell books using a cash-only approach, while others use phone-based credit and debit card devices to accept payments. Getting 120v power to your booth can range from free to twenty bucks for the con […]

On Rulebreaking

HowlsMovingCastle I’m taking a college class, and I always like to use anything I write. This assignment was a short journal entry on breaking rules in literature. I believe that breaking any of the rules should only be done after one has a reasonable amount of experience with writing and to be aware what those rules […]

Amazon 1-Click Dangers

scam-alert-1024x788 I was almost taken in by a bait-and-switch type of scam normally seen on eBay. I was actually shopping on Amazon, where I normally feel much safer. Now, less so. If I had my 1-Click purchase button active, I would be quite angry the next time I checked my bank statement. I was looking for […]


DCC-DeMarco-TalesFleetCover-300DPI Daredevil.   I had a complete run of Daredevil up through 1988, including #1 in near mint condition. I read every issue (carefully) and I enjoyed the storyline. I should be loving the Netflix series.   I’m hating it.   The main characters are fine, and I thought Stick was well-played by Scott Glenn. It’s […]

Critters Reviewing Critters

988648_678383102177012_492253868_n Getting your work read is always a tough gig. You can promote and spam to your heart’s content … and when the first review comes in, it’s a two-star because of glaring errors in your story, lots of passive writing, and you even change point of view halfway through the tale. Wouldn’t it be nice […]

Expanding Your Amazon Reach

hs-2004-18-a-full_jpg Amazon’s AuthorCentral websites allow readers to see a dedicated page focusing on a particular writer. It’s an easy way for Amazon customers, particularly those with Kindle readers, to find more about an author. The recently re-designed pages now include a sliding window featuring books registered to an author. The images are larger, allowing the viewer to […]

Writing is Easy

hs-2004-18-a-full_jpg   Writing is easy. All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead. – Gene Fowler